About Rhythm Line

Rhythm Line is a father-daughter collaboration.

World-renowned drummer and educator, Efrain Toro has been playing the drums for over 50 years. His career as a professional percussionist has carried him from the humble, jungle-shrouded embrace of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico to every corner of the earth. His friends range from young to old with every age, race, ethnicity, religion and gender in between. And while performing and recording music have afforded him a treasured independence, his truest pleasure lies in education.  He is proud to present this site as a nexus of thought regarding the most fundamental element on earth: rhythm.

His oldest daughter, Mimi Toro never took to playing the drums. She discovered her ability to connect with the rhythm of the universe initially through dance and later through paint and prose. She is proud to showcase the work of her father and to provide a stage for those seeking the life-changing perspectives on rhythm that can be found here.